Certified Marina, LLC - Marina Photos
Certified Marina, LLC - "Striper Capital of the Hudson Valley"
Haul out for the winter season
Launching WWII bots at Hildebrants, which was owned by our Aunt & Uncle.Dad with his last 2 remaining brothers
Dad, receiving his honor for his partipation in the war.  Placque mounted in Connelly, NY  Family did not attend, they were to busy.3530554899 6e7ed50dcd b3529920124 1171f8e1a14416387675 2f39872573 z4416387679 0123fcd918 z4417171088 ed14dc6a0f z4417171090 97dbb397ac z4417171094 53ae43fb7d z4417166064 d1acf2cc83 z4417166058 5876e5bff4 z4451937559 326383a402 b4417171080 e31d67a40f z4417189580 3fe3eb9f0d z4417166072 0e09353162 z4417171090 97dbb397ac z3511613368 23bda04667 z4451946145 ae792dbd15 z4451937561 e50891cc58 b4416387665 75f3abaf8d z4416387673 afe9fd5983 z4416373745 6657559899 z
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Kingston Lighthouse at the mouth of the Rondout Creek.Dad's memorial serviceHalf Moom coming into the Kingston Rondout Creek.P6102966Dad's memorial service.Half Moon
Bikes for the Kids Fishing Tournament.Dad.MomHonda that sank at the dock.Sheriffs retreiving Honda that sank at the dock.Oficier Joe Steyer retreiving Honda.

Kyle & Nicholai with their catch for the Kids Tournament.Molly 2008 St. Patrick
s Dad Parade.Molly & Holly waiting for the Swans to come closer.Kastin feeding treats to Molly, Rex & Scoopy3510807315 710c27aefc z4417189586 b0a849daa0 z4451946129 a1071ec92d z4416373749 71f7f3eb41 z4417166088 303279fff2 z